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It is the least populous of the Brazilian states. Roraima is also the northernmost state in the northern region, with the limits being Venezuela to the north and northwest, Guyana to the east, Pará to the southeast and Amazonas to the southeast and west.

The region of Roraima was once part of the State of Amazonas, being spun off of it by a decree of 1943, which created the Federal Territory of Rio Branco, later called the Federal Territory of Roraima (1962). This was elevated to state by the Brazilian Constitution of 1988.

The state economy is based on agriculture, livestock and extractivism. Roraima has the lowest GDP in Brazil, which in a way is due to the large part of its area that constitutes indigenous or environmental preservation territory.

Coat of arms
We all extol Roraima… +
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Total area
224,298 km²
576 568 hab


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