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It is located to the northwest of the Northeast, having as limits the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Ceará and Pernambuco to the east, Bahia to the south and southeast, Tocantins to the southwest and Maranhão to the west and northwest. The region of Piauí only began to be populated in the seventeenth century, when the cowboys, mainly from Bahia, came looking for pastures.

Its ecosystem is similar to that of the Amazon, with a large number of islands, lagoons, streams among others. The state's economy is based on the service sector, industry (chemical, textile and beverage), extensive livestock and agriculture (rice, cotton, sugar cane, cassava, soy).

In the north of the state, tourism is highlighted on the coast, in the municipalities of Parnaíba and Luís Correia, as well as in national parks, most of them located in the south of the state.

Coat of arms
Save earth that you snatch heaven… +
Total area
251,529.186 km²
3,264,531 hab


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