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Curiosities of China

Curiosities of China

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  • Alone, China has twice as many people as all of Europe.
  • 1.38 billion people, this is the estimated number of inhabitants (registered people).
  • One in five inhabitants of the planet lives in China, one fifth of the world's population.
  • If the world were a single street, one in four of its neighbors would be Chinese.
  • If you live in China right now you would be sharing the room you occupy in your home with 7 more people.
  • Because of overpopulation, each couple can only have one child. But if the first one is a girl, you can try again.
  • Almost 3,000 km long, the Great Wall of China, the only man-made work that can be seen from space, began to be built in 200 BC and is now 2200 years old. Its construction involved more than one million people, many of whom died there.
    Its stature starts with the visual aspect and ends in practice, because in some parts of its extraordinary staircases, the visitor can only climb the four steps with his hands on the floor.
  • Li or Lee (English form) is the most common surname in the world. In China alone there are 87 million of them.
  • Mao's celebrated Red Book, a sort of primer of Chinese communism, is currently only to be sold to tourists at the gates of Tiananmen Square, where the figure of Mao Tse Tung still shines.
  • In China, the streets are extensions of houses. Here the Chinese eat, sleep, get a haircut, massage, Tai Chi-Chuan and even dance.
  • Within China there are several nations. Some integers, such as Tibet and some minorities (Mongols, Turks, Kazakhs, Tibetans, etc.). They are around 55 different groups, ie 60 million Chinese are not that Chinese - 60 million! More than one France or two Argentinas! In China even minorities are exaggerated.
  • To imagine that such a large country (the third largest in the world just behind Russia and Canada) has the same geography from north to south is the same as generalizing that in Brazil there is only jungle. It is a gross mistake. From both the curious western rock formations of Guilin and the largest of all mountains - Mount Everest - China has many faces in its geography.
  • Snakes, herbs, mice, bats. Everything heals in ancient Chinese medicine. Dry lizards, for example, are good for long coughs, kidney stones and even impotence.
  • The Phoenix is ​​one of the magical creatures of Chinese mythology. They say it only appeared when the country was ruled by a good emperor.
  • The petals of a sacred Datura represent the five points of the star.
  • The deer and the high official: symbols of prosperity.
  • Because the OX is the animal that most helps in farming, pulling the plow and the cart, most Chinese people consider it a sin to eat their flesh.
  • "One makes two, two makes three, three gives birth to ten thousand things." This is how Lao Tzu condensed Chinese cosmology. TEN THOUSAND is the expression that symbolizes the whole and immortality.
  • The frog and frog are symbols of longevity.
  • The art of flying kites is traditional in China.
  • The bat is a symbol of happiness, and five bats together represent: longevity, health, fortune, love of virtue, and natural death.
  • A quarter of the crimes provided for in the Penal Code are punishable by death, including minor offenses such as poisoning cattle or broadcasting pornography.
  • The Chinese are very superstitious. Floors 4, 14, and 24 of many buildings do not exist because the ideogram of 4 is similar to that of death. Phones ending in 4 or having 4 are much cheaper, and much used by foreigners.


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