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Formed by various island groups in the Pacific Ocean, Oceania is the smallest "continent" in area and the second smallest (after Antarctica) in population.

It has a total area of ​​8,480,355km2. The name Oceania comes from Oceanus, the god of the rivers. Although the islands of Oceania do not form a true continent, some associate Oceania with the continent of Australia or Australasia for the purpose of dividing the planet into continental clusters.

Australia, modern and first world country (ranked first in the Human Development Index), is the main country of the continent, occupying almost 90% of it.

Oceania's location on the world map

Countries and Territories

The following is a list of the independent countries of Oceania and their respective capitals, as well as the territories existing on the continent.

Independent countries

Australia (Canberra)
Cook Islands (Avarua)
Fiji (Suva)
Marshall Islands (Majuro)
Solomon Islands (Honiara)
Kiribati (Bairiki)
Federated States of Micronesia (Palikir)
Niue (Alofi)
New Zealand (Wellington)
Palau (Melekeok)
Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby)
Samoa (Apia)
East Timor (Dili) part belongs to Asia
Tonga (Nuku'alofa)
Tuvalu (Funafuti)
Vanuatu (Port Vila)
Polynesia conj. Pacific Islands

Dependent Territories

Mariana Islands dep. U.S
Caroline Islands dep. Micronesia
New Caledonia dep. France
Australian Antarctic Territory dep. Australia
Ross addiction dep. New Zealand
Adelia Land dep. France
American Samoa dep. U.S

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