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Campos Salles

Campos Salles

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Paulista politician (1841-1913). President of the Republic between 1898 and 1902. As Prime Minister of Justice of the Republic, establishes and regulates civil marriage.

Manoel Ferraz de Campos Salles (15/2 / 1841-28 / 6/1913) is born in Campinas, then province of São Paulo, the son of coffee farmers. He graduated in law in 1863 in São Paulo and entered politics four years later as a provincial deputy. In April 1873, he was one of the organizers of the Itu Convention, which founded the Paulista Republican Party (PRP) and defined his position against the monarchy and in favor of ending slavery. In 1885 is elected deputy general by the PRP. With the proclamation of the Republic, he is appointed Minister of Justice of the Provisional Government. In this capacity, it establishes the obligation of civil marriage to be legally accepted, organizes the Federal Justice and reformulates the Penal Code. At the end of the provisional government, is elected senator by São Paulo (1891). In 1896 assumes the government of the state, position that resigns to run for the Presidency of the Republic. Elected in 1898, he developed a policy of supporting agriculture and enhancing coffee plantation, refusing to adopt measures to protect the incipient Brazilian industry. In foreign policy, it resolves the border conflicts between Amapá and French Guiana and begins negotiations with Bolivia for the annexation of the territory of Acre. He leaves the government in 1902 and only returns to public life in 1909, to assume the office of senator for Sao Paulo. Dies in São Paulo city of Santos.