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Luis Carlos Martins Pena

Luis Carlos Martins Pena

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Fluminense playwright (5/11 / 1815-7 / 12/1848). He is the creator of the comedy of costumes in Brazilian theater and one of the first to portray the process of urbanization in the nineteenth century. Luís Carlos Martins Pena is born in Rio de Janeiro and enters the diplomatic career.

Considered the first prominent playwright of the country, in his comedies and deceptions, he precisely uses colloquial language to satirize the mischief of politicians and the hypocrisy of the clergy. Criticizes the government and the functioning of public services in The Gypsy and Untitled Comedy

Ironizes the use of religion to one's advantage in The brother of souls and shows the inefficiency of the legislature in The user. In the comedy of customs he portrays the contact of the interior with the urban citizens of the court in The judge of Peace of the Country and A Country Man at Court.

He leaves numerous productions: 20 comedies and six dramas written until the age of 33, when he dies of tuberculosis in Lisbon. Among his works are The Judas on Hallelujah Saturday (1844), The novice and Who House Wants House, both from 1845.