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Dom Pedro I

Dom Pedro I

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First emperor of Brazil (1798-1834). It proclaims the independence of the country from Portugal and grants the first Brazilian Constitution.

Pedro de Alcantara Francisco Antonio Joao Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim Jose Gonzaga Pascoal Cyprian Seraphim of Braganza and Bourbon (12/10 / 1798-24 / 9/1834) is born in the Queluz Palace, outside Lisbon. Son of the King of Portugal Dom João VI and Infanta Carlota Joaquina de Bourbon, becomes Crown Prince with the death of his elder brother Antonio in 1801. Arrives in Brazil in 1808 with the royal family, fleeing the siege of the troops. from Napoleon to his country. He remains in Brazil as Prince Regent when Dom João VI returns to Portugal in 1821. The Portuguese Parliament demands his return to Lisbon in 1822, but he decides to remain in the country and, on September 7 of the same year, proclaims Brazilian independence. of the Portuguese court. He is crowned emperor of Brazil three months later, in January 1823. He grants the country's first constitution in 1824, but by governing authoritatively without regard to Parliament, he loses popularity in the following years. Faced with political wear, in 1831 he decided to abdicate in favor of his son, Dom Pedro II, and return to Portugal, where he assumed the Portuguese Crown as Dom Pedro IV. He dies in Queluz Palace, in the same room in which he was born. In 1972, on the 150th anniversary of Brazilian independence, his remains are brought to the crypt of the Ipiranga Monument in São Paulo.