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Nero: one of the most controversial emperors of the Roman Empire

Nero was a Roman emperor from the year 54 to 68 of the Christian era. To this day it is one of the most controversial historical figures of all time. His full name was Nero Claudius Augusto Germanicus. Born in the city of Anzio (in present-day Italy) on December 15, 37.

Nero became Roman emperor on October 13, 54, at a time of great splendor of the Roman Empire. In the first five years of his rule, Nero proved to be a good administrator. In politics, he used violence and weapons to combat and eliminate the riots that took place in some provinces of the empire.
Regarding the wars of expansion, Nero showed little interest. According to ancient historians, it has undertaken only a few military incursions in the region of present-day Armenia.

Their political, military and economic decisions were heavily influenced by some close figures. Among them, we can mention his mother, Agrippina, and his tutor, Lucio Seneca.

What most marked Nero's story was the case of the fire that destroyed part of the city of Rome in the year 64. However, according to some historians, Nero's responsibility for the incident is not certain. The emperor was in Anzio at the time of the incident and returned to Rome upon learning of the fire. Those who point to Nero as guilty are based on Tacitus's accounts. He states that there were rumors that Nero was singing and playing the lyre while the city burned.

The fact is that Nero blamed and ordered persecution of Christians, who he accused of being responsible for the fire. Many were captured and thrown to be devoured by the beasts.

In addition to this episode, others have contributed to the fame of violent and unbalanced emperor. In the year 55, Nero killed the son of former emperor Claudius. In 59, he ordered the murder of his mother Agrippina.

Nero committed suicide in Rome on June 6, 68, ending the Julio-Claudian dynasty.