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Marchioness of Santos

Marchioness of Santos

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Lover of the emperor Dom Pedro I (27/12 / 1797-3 / 1/1867). Domitila de Castro Canto and Melo exerts great influence during the reign of the first emperor of Brazil. Born in São Paulo, she marries at age 15 with the ensign of Minas Gerais, Felício Pinto Coelho de Mendonça, with whom he has three children.

He gets the marriage annulled and maintains a romantic relationship with Dom Pedro that lasts seven years. Dom Pedro transfers her family to the Court and the case causes scandal in society.

Domitila monopolizes the favors of the sovereign and soon conflicts with the President of the Council of Ministers, José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva, who, under her influence, is exiled to France. The emperor makes her Lady of the Palace, Viscountess and, finally, Marquise of Santos.

The love affair is shaken when, after the death of Empress Maria Leopoldina in 1826, Dom Pedro I arranges for a second marriage with the Duchess of Leuchtemberg, Amelia Beauharnais. In 1829, pregnant with her fifth son with the emperor, Domitila breaks the romance and returns to São Paulo. Marries Rafael Tobias de Aguiar and dies at age 70.


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