South America

South America

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South America belongs to the American continent, which is also formed by Central America and North America.

South America has its eastern boundaries with the Atlantic Ocean, its western boundaries with the Pacific Ocean, and its northern boundaries with the Caribbean Sea.

It is linked to Central America by Panama.


The relief of South America is determined by three mountainous regions: the Andes, the residual North Amazonian plateaus (former Guiana plateau or Parima system), and the East-Southeast Atlantic plateaus and mountain ranges.

Between these regions, there are areas of plains, formed by the three main watersheds of the continent: the Amazon, the Orinoco and the Paraná River. The highest point is Mount Aconcagua (6,959m), on the border between Chile and Argentina.

The South American Coastline

South America's coastline is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and is 16,000 km long. It has low slopes, a wide continental shelf and is rich in accidents such as the Darien and Venezuela gulfs, the Goajira and Pariah penins in the Antilles Sea, and the San Marcos, All Saints and Guanabara

Already the part bathed by the Pacific Ocean has 9,000km and has high coasts, with great underwater depths, the only most rugged area is located in the south, where many islands and archipelagos appear.


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