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Emperor Justinian

Emperor Justinian

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Byzantine Emperor (483-14 / 11/565). Flávio Pedro Sabácio Justinian is born in Tauresium, in present Macedonia, in a poor family. It is adopted by Uncle Justino, former illiterate guard who would come to reign the Byzantine Empire. He still goes young to Constantinople, the base of the military command where his uncle served, and receives improved education.

When Justin I becomes emperor in 518, his nephew already has a great influence on him. Justinian studies law, rhetoric and theology and, in 518, begins to participate in political life as patrician and consul. Receives the title of Caesar in 525 and, in 527, is proclaimed emperor. In the same year, he married actress Teodora, daughter of a bear keeper.

Intelligent and politically skilled, the woman plays an important role in her government and advises the emperor even on military matters. Theodora uses her influence to promote recognition of some women's rights: she passes laws banning trafficking in young girls and amends divorce laws, bringing benefits to women.

Ambitious and authoritarian, Justinian is called by the subjects "the never-sleeping emperor." Between 527 and 540 he embarked on the project of restoration and unification of the Roman Empire. To regain the grandeur of the former empire, it stimulates industry, commerce and the arts. It revises and codifies Roman Law in the Corpus Juris Civilis, also known as Justinian Code. Dies in Constantinople.