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Dom João VI

Dom João VI

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Portuguese statesman (1767-1826). King of Portugal, Brazil and Algarve. He is responsible for the transfer of the Portuguese court to Brazil, giving a new direction to the country's history.

Dom João VI (13/5 / 1767-10 / 3/1826) is born in Lisbon. Second son of King Peter III, has education neglected for not being the firstborn. Marries Carlota Joaquina, eldest daughter of Carlos IV, from Spain. Together they have nine children, among them Pedro de Alcântara, future emperor of Brazil as Pedro I. With the death of his elder brother, Joseph, who would be the direct heir to the throne, in 1792 assumed the rule of the kingdom, due to the madness of the mother, queen Maria I. When Portugal was invaded by the troops of the Napoleonic Empire, in 1807, he transferred with the court to Brazil. It raises the colony the kingdom, establishes courts, banking establishments and schools and decrees the freedom of commerce. With the mother's death in 1816, he becomes king. He returns to Portugal in 1821, under pressure from the court, to confront the constitutionalist movement, and is forced to accept the role of monarch bound by a constitution. In 1823 he regains the fullness of his powers with the help of his son, the infant Dom Miguel, who the following year tries to depose him in favor of Dona Carlota. Don John dismisses his son, forcing him into exile. In 1825 recognizes the independence of Brazil. Dies in Lisbon - suspected to have been poisoned.