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Floriano Peixoto

Floriano Peixoto

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Military and statesman from Alagoas (1839-1895). According to Brazil's president, he is responsible for the consolidation of the republican regime.

Floriano Vieira Peixoto (30/4 / 1839-29 / 6/1895) is born in Maceió, the son of poor farmers, and is raised by his uncle and godfather, Colonel José Vieira de Araújo Peixoto. Attends primary school in Maceió and the Military School in Rio de Janeiro, where he is sent at 16 years. It reveals distinction and bravery in the Army, especially in the Paraguayan War, which it participates in until the end, in Cerro Corá, bringing as a souvenir the horse blanket of Solano López. He is a field helper-general, second under Army Minister Viscount Ouro Preto, when the Republican movement erupts in 1889. He refuses to be part of the conspiracy, but is unwilling to fight Republican troops either. rebelled. With the proclamation of the Republic, he occupies the Ministry of War in 1890 and is elected vice president of Deodoro da Fonseca the following year. With the resignation of Fonseca, assumes the presidency and governs with an iron fist until the end of the mandate, in 1894. Overcomes a period troubled by rebellious movements, among them the Armada Revolt and the Federalist Revolution, that aims to remove him of power. In his honor, the Santa Catarina governor Hercílio Luz decreed the name change of the capital, from Desterro to Florianópolis, on 10/1/1894. He retires from public life as soon as he leaves the office of president. Dies in Divisa, today Floriano district, in the municipality of Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro.