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Domingos Jorge Velho

Domingos Jorge Velho

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Paulista Bandeirante (1614? -1703). Chief of the troops that destroyed the Quilombo dos Palmares.

Domingos Jorge Velho (1614? -1703) already imprisoned Indians in the Northeast before 1671, commanding a small army of armed men on their forays into the woods. The exact place or date of birth is unknown. Rude man, barely speaks Portuguese and prefers to express himself in the indigenous language. In addition to submitting or annihilating numerous native groups, it is responsible for the extermination of Quilombo dos Palmares. Accompanied by Afonso Sertão, he goes to the interior of Piauí, arriving later in Ceará and Paraíba. Between 1680 and 1684 he settled in the Piranhas River region of Paraíba, from where he left to attack the blacks of Palmares. The task of ending the resistance of the so-called quilombolas is entrusted to him by the governor of Pernambuco. Until then, the colonial power had organized 15 official expeditions to this end, all of which failed. After a campaign that lasts more than two years and alternates defeats and victories, manages to reach the goal in February of 1694, with the help of detachments sent by the Pernambuco government. Five years later, he received the rank of field master for his successful expedition to subdue Indians in Maranhão, Ceará and Pernambuco.


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