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Darius the Great

Darius the Great

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Persian Emperor (550 BC - 486 BC).

One of the main rulers of the Persian Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great. Assumes the throne in 521 BC after defeating the priestly caste that had assumed power. It continues Ciro's plans for universal hegemony.

In his rule, the Persian Empire reaches its fullest extent, reaching as far as India. He conquers Thrace and Macedonia, contiguous regions of Greece, but fails to submit the Greeks and is defeated in the Battle of Marathon.

Also like Cyrus, it seeks to respect the freedom of religious worship and the customs of the dominated peoples. Considered an administrative genius, it restructures the empire, dividing it into 20 regions called satrapias, with relative autonomy but subordinate to the central power.

He builds roads linking these administrative units to Susa, the kingdom's capital, where the sovereign resides. The "royal road" between Sardis and Susa, for example, is 2,500 kilometers long. He makes important architectural works in Susa: restores fortifications, builds a huge courtroom and a residential palace.


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