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Click on the following links to know our products. Sales are made through the website of our company, Virtuous.

CD Only Geography

Contains the didactic material of our site, about General Geography and of Brazil. It covers from the basic concepts of the discipline to the main subjects in the areas of physical, economic and human geography. Click here to access the sales page.

Fun Geography CD

Contains games to assist in the teaching of geography, involving countries, gentiles, climate, relief, vegetation, etc. Recommended for teachers, schools (computer lab) and parents who wish to assist their children in learning. The CD can be purchased from our company website. Click here to access the sales page.

CD Planet Earth 3D

It allows the user to visualize and manipulate in three dimensions the planet Earth, the solar system and the moon. It also contains information about countries and continents. Click here to access the sales page.

CD Didactic Games

This CD contains 34 games for elementary school, involving the subjects of Geography, Portuguese, Mathematics and Science. The CD can be purchased from our company website. Click here to access the sales page.

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