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Geography Quiz

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The quiz is our geography quiz game. Here you can test your knowledge in an interactive and fun way!

How it works: Each question is worth 10 points. With each game, your goal is to try to get the 7 questions drawn by clicking on the alternatives you consider correct. Good luck!

1 - What do the stars on the Brazilian flag represent? a) hope b) the pride of being Brazilian c) the Amazon Rainforest d) the states and the Brazilian federal district e) the natural wealth of the country 2 - What is common between Mexico, Panama and Guatemala? a) all are located in North America b) all are in Europe c) use Portuguese as one of the official languages ​​d) all are located in Central America e) all of them have capitals with the same country name 3 - Budapest is the capital of which European country? a) Denmark b) Slovakia c) Slovenia d) Montenegro e) Hungary 4 - Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country which emerged from the dissolution of the former… a) Czechoslovakia b) Soviet Union (c) East Germany d) Yugoslavia e) Serbia and Montenegro 5 - The Paraná River passes through three countries: a) Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay b) Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay c) England, Spain and France d) Brazil, Uruguay and Chile e) Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia 6 - Which of the following countries has as capital a city with the same name? a) Mozambique b) Nepal c) Luxembourg d) Finland e) Switzerland 7 - It is an optical phenomenon in which a glow is observed in the sky at night. Occurs in the polar regions. a) Red moon b) Midnight sun c) Northern lights d) Midnight in Paris e) Crystal moon


Also know the versions with questions from Portuguese and Mathematics.


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