Power Sources (continued)

Power Sources (continued)

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It is produced through uranium, which is a chemical element that has a lot of energy.

When the core is disintegrated, a huge amount of energy is released. Nuclear plants use this energy to generate electricity.

Although it does not produce pollutants, the amount of nuclear waste is a negative point. Accidents at nuclear plants, although rare, pose a great danger.

Angra dos Reis nuclear power plant in Rio de Janeiro

It is obtained from the heat coming from within the earth. The deep layers of the earth's crust where, in some regions, they have temperatures above 5,000 ° C. Power plants can use this heat to drive electric turbines and generate power. This type of energy is still little used.

Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant, Iceland

Gravitational energy is generated from the movement of oceanic tidal waters. It has a high deployment cost and is therefore little used. Energy experts guarantee that this will be one of the main sources of energy in the future.

The gravitational power turbine located in Northern Ireland

Note: approximately 40% CO2 (carbon dioxide) produced in the world are the result of power and heat generation. This is because coal is still the main source used.


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