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Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - 8th Army German Language Newspaper

Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - 8th Army German Language Newspaper

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Lt D.W. Gay's War Effort - 8th Army German Language Newspaper

This page from Lt D.W. Gay's 'War Effort' is a cutting from a German language newspaper, but clearly one written by the Allies , as the first story is a report that the hold of the Gestapo over the German people might be getting weaker! The second colour has a report that the Allied military authorities in Aachen were returning artworks or historically important items to their rightful owners. The third reports heavy German losses on the Eastern Front. The box at the bottom left gives the broadcasting times for the Eighth Army's German language radio station!

Many thanks to Martin Hampton, the son in law of Lt. Gay, for sending us this material. These pages come from Gay's own private notebook which began with similar infomation to his flight log, but became more detailed, and also included a number of interesting items that had been pasted in.

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