Hydrography in the world

Hydrography in the world

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Here's a list of the world's largest rivers, oceans, seas and watersheds.

The biggest rivers

Name and Location Extension (km)Mouth
Amazonas, Brazil6.868Atlantic Ocean
Nile, Egypt6.671Mediterranean Sea
Xi-Jiang, China5.800China sea
Mississippi-Missouri, USA5.620Gulf of Mexico
Obi, Russian Federation5.410Gulf of Obi

The largest oceans and seas

NameArea (km²)Max Depth (m)
Pacific Ocean179.700.00011.020
Atlantic Ocean106.100.0007.758
Arctic Glacial Sea14.090.0005.450
Caribbean Sea2.754.0007.680
Mediterranean Sea2.505.0005.020

Largest river basins

NamePlaceArea (km²)
Amazon BasinBrazil7.050.000
Congo BasinZaire3.690.000
Mississippi BasinUSA3.328.000
River Plate BasinBrazil3.140.000
Obi BasinRussian Federation2.975.000