Relief and climate of Southern Brazil

Relief and climate of Southern Brazil

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The climate in the Southern Region is subtropical, except in northern Paraná (tropical), characterized by the diversity of temperatures - lower with the presence of snow on the plateaus, and higher on the Pampas and coast.

The relief of the Southern Region is divided into three parts:

Platinum Plain or Pampas

Formed by sedimentary and undulating terrain (coxilhas), inland, and lagoons and restingas, on the coast.

Platinum Plain or Pampas

Atlantic plateau

Crystalline land near the coast, extending from Paraná to the north of Rio Grande do Sul.

Aparados da Serra Park (RS), Atlantic Plateau

Southern Plateau

Of volcanic formation with basaltic rocks, is inland. It is subdivided into peripheral depression (narrow strip of sandstones west of the Atlantic Plateau) and sandstone-basalt plateau, which extends to the Paraná River, forming steps whose edges are called cuestas.

Southern Plateau

Southern Region Relief

The relief of the Southern Region has mountain areas, especially the Serra do Mar, Central and Serra do Sudeste.

Paraty - Serra do Mar State Park


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