Midwest Region of Brazil

Midwest Region of Brazil

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The Central West Region of Brazil has an area of ​​1,606,399,509 km², which corresponds to 18.86% of the national territory.

Despite being the second largest region of the country in territorial extension, it is the second least populous.

Among the five regions of Brazil, this is the only one not bathed by the sea.

Geographic localization of the Midwest Region

The Midwest Region borders two South American countries: Bolivia and Paraguay.

Geographic localization of the Midwest Region and borders with other countries

Its central position is the only one that allows border connection with all other Brazilian regions. It houses the country's capital, Brasilia, the center of political decisions. It has the largest humid plain in the world, the Mato Grosso wetland.

Mato Grosso Pantanal


The three states of the Midwest Region and their capitals are:

  • Mato Grosso (MT) - Cuiabá
  • Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) - Campo Grande
  • Goiás (GO) - Goiânia

and the Federal District (DF) - Brasília.