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Illustrated History - Discovery Until the Guaranitic Wars (continued)

Illustrated History - Discovery Until the Guaranitic Wars (continued)

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This year, Portugal and Spain signed the Treaty of Madrid.

The Treaty of Madrid stated that the area where the Seven Peoples were, which until then, and according to the Treaty of Tordesillas, belonged to Spain…

It would now belong to Portugal!

Jesuits and villagers should leave the land immediately!

The Jesuits and the Indians did not accept and refused to leave, and proceeded to defend their lands.

This fact triggered the Guarani Wars.

The Guarani Wars left thousands dead, among them the legendary Guarani warrior Sepé Tiaraju

Which became known for his bravery and his heroic cry: “… This land has its owner!”

Monument to Sepé Tiaraju, in the city of Santo Ângelo, in Rio Grande do Sul.

Sepé Tiaraju was one of the main defenders of the Jesuit villages.

Finally, in 1759, the Jesuit priests were expelled from Brazil, which ended the Seven Peoples of the Missions.


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