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Hitler and Lenin playing chess in Vienna in 1909

Hitler and Lenin playing chess in Vienna in 1909

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An unpublished image showing Adolf Hitler at a young age playing chess with Vladimir Lenin 100 years ago was recently unveiled and is being auctioned for about $ 122,000.

The picture was taken by the German dictator Emma Lowenstramm's art teacher, Vienna, in 1909. On the back, the portrait is signed by both.

Hitler and Lenin playing chess in Vienna in 1909

At the time the engraving was made, Hitler was in his late twenties and Lenin about twice his age. The German was an amateur artist and Lenin was in exile in the Austrian capital. The house, where the meeting between the two was portrayed, would belong to an important Jewish family and would be the stage for political discussions in the period. With World War II, the family had to flee and ended up giving many of their assets, including the photo in question, to their employees. And it is precisely the great-grandmother of this family's housekeeper who now tries to sell both the historical record and the pieces of the old chess game.

Although he claims to have documents proving the authenticity of the painting, entitled "A Chess Game: Lenin with Hitler - Vienna 1909", experts question the authenticity of the work, especially the presence of Lenin. However, according to Richard Westwood-Brookes, who is negotiating the pieces. Pencil signatures on the back of the photo have an 80% chance of being true. "I admit it sounds too good to be true, but we have very strong evidence that the items are genuine."
Controversy aside, the print will go on sale October 1 at the English auction house Mullock's.

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