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Cassava - Legends and Myths

Cassava - Legends and Myths

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There are several legends that explain the origin of cassava, but the best known is about Mani.

Mani was a beautiful little Indian, granddaughter of a great chief of an ancient tribe. From birth he walked and spoke. Suddenly died without getting sick and without suffering.

The little India was buried in the very hollow where she always lived and what was the tradition of her people. Every day the village Indians came to visit her and wept over her grave until an unknown plant appeared in it. So the Indians decided to dig to see which plant it was, they took it from the ground and when examining its root they saw that it was brown on the outside and white on the inside.

After cooking and tasting the root, they understood that it was a gift from the God Tupa. The root of Mani came to quench the hunger of the tribe. The Indians gave the name of the root of Mani and as it was born in a hollow was Manioca, which we now know as cassava.