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In this section, we present some topics related to the environment.

Learning to explore the environment

Brazilian environmental problems, especially the constant destruction of our forest reserves, have long been reported and are of great concern. Knowing the elements that make up an environment and how they relate, various measures can be taken to preserve it, as we will see in this article. Read the full article

Greenhouse effect

Some atmospheric gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), act as a protective cover that prevents the heat absorbed from solar radiation from escaping into outer space, maintaining a thermal equilibrium situation on the planet, both day and night. Without carbon in the atmosphere the earth's surface would be covered with ice. This beneficial feature of the air layer around the globe is called the "greenhouse effect." Read the full article

Global warming

We call global warming the rise in the average temperature of the oceans and air near the Earth's surface that has been occurring in recent decades, as well as the possibility of its continuation during the current century. Read the full article

Other environmental issues

Check out our section on environmental issues and issues.